• PolyOnlay is a brand new decorative material for the furniture and craft
    industry. We have created an innovative type of onlay made from a very strong
    and flexible wood pulp product. They are only 0.9 mm thick and can be decorated
    in the same way as raised stencils. Patterns and shapes can be repeated with
    exact precision and with very little effort.

    • Are water resistant, so they can be painted,
      stained, and washed.
    • Can be decorated in any possible way – you can
      use paint, wax, glue, tissue, foils metallics or any other medium on and with
      them – or leave them as they are!
    • Are bendable, so they can be used on curved
    • Can be cut and sanded to fit a specific space.
    • Can be used with any type of adhesive - we
      recommend wood glue for most surfaces.
    • Has Greenguard Gold Certification which means the
      product has extremely low VOC emissions and can safely be used by the whole
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  • How do I attach PolyOnlay to my project?

    Make sure your surface is clean and grease free. We recommendPolyvine’s Cascarez Fast Grab Wood Glue (the red one) or use any goodquality glue of your choice. Use a brush or sponge dabber and apply agenerous coat to the back of your PolyOnlay. Attach it to your surfaceand wipe away any excess glue with a damp cloth, baby wipe or brush.

  • Can I apply PolyOnlay on a curved surface?

    Yes, you can! PolyOnlay is flexible so you can apply them on bowfronted drawers, lamp shades, flowerpots and more. Just hold it downwith masking tape or cling wrap until the glue bonds.

  • I quite like the natural colour of PolyOnlay, can I leave them as they are?

    Yes! PolyOnlay is water resistant so it can be cleaned and wiped down without sealing it.

  • Can I cut PolyOnlay to fit my project?

    Yes! You can alter your PolyOnlay by using a sharp craft knife (please use caution when using sharp instruments, wear PPE, all that jazz) or heavy-duty scissors. You can also smooth rough edges with sanding paper.

  • What paint can I use on my PolyOnlay?

    Any!!! Mineral paint, chalk paint, eggshell paint, milk paint, metallic paint, spray paint, solvent based paint, coloured waxes, pigments, permanent ink, varnish, glaze, resin… anything else you can think of!